An email from a friend in Myanmar back in October 2007 prompted me to create something to help promote awareness of the situation there. I’d rather not make reference to the gender of my friend, as from what I have heard the crack downs are much more severe than what we hear about via the little news that is getting out of the country. I honestly hope my friend's email can not be traced back some how. It sounds like other forms of equipment such as cameras and cell phones are being confiscated in large numbers, and who knows what this repressive government would do if they read someone’s email regarding worrisome news of the situation there. The more alarming thing is the number of “disappearances” of people in the middle of the night, when it is harder for anyone to witness or record what is happening, with only the signs of disarray and violence left to tell the story in the morning. With the police driving around by day saying things such as “we have your photo, we are searching for you and you will be punished for what you have done.” And there are whispers of history repeating itself and the government crematoriums carrying out mass cremations.

The design is inspired by the words of Aung San Suu Kyi, may one day she get to that “negotiation table.”

I have been a member of CafePress since 2006 and never really used it, but decided last night that there wasn't a better time to use it and possibly help generate more awareness of this situation.

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