This was an interesting project, especially as it is completely in Khmer. The goal was to keep the posters as minimal as possible, as many of the people the message is trying to reach are illiterate. I tied the colors to existing palettes for Plan International, and which also are very bright and appeal to the local population. I was quite impressed with how widely spread they they were distributed. On finishing a 6 day trek over the Cardamom Mountains we arrived to a river where we would catch a boat back to a highway and find a ride back to Phnom Penh. Near the dock we stopped to have a drink I noticed a poster with one corner hanging down. It looked familiar, so I had a look, and what do you know... Those Plan people really get around.

“In the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child it is stated that every child has the right to be registered at birth. All governments in Asia agreed to this. Yet two-thirds of the world's 50 million children who go unregistered at birth every year live in Asia. In Cambodia less then 5 per cent of the total population is currently registered, and almost all newborn children don't receive a birth certificate.This is why Plan Cambodia together with the Ministry of Interior and UN volunteers have started a country-wide mobile civil registration campaign.” Read more at

You can my pictures of the Cardamom Mountain trek on my flickr.

Civil Registration: Marriage Certificate

Civil Registration: Birth Certificate

Civil Registration: Death Certificate

Looking worse for wear, and I'm not talking about the Plan International Poster Looking worse for wear, and I'm not talking about the Plan International Poster

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